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Project curator Nene Mermanishvili


To imagine the future of the world is totally impossible without humanity. The term future is a conditional unity of space and time which moves continuously. And a man is a creator (subject) of this unity and simultaneously the main actor (object).

We know that the man all the knowledge about the world bears in his own DNA. Since the ancient times in order to depict DNA of the man two geometrical figures, dodecahedron and icosahedron have been being used. Dodecahedron in our project expresses the embodied soul of the world. Moreover this geometrical figure is based on the principles of the golden ratio. Also these twelve facets regard twelve signs of zodiac and the same numbers of colors, which reflect the features of the man as well.

Consequently the man as a reflection of the world carries all the possibilities of the future. His DNA like all difficult molecules consists of elementary particles. According to the one of the scientific theory each one of all elementary particles consists of two dimensional strings – specific threads, stretched around the world. We may assume that via these “Super strings” communication between the man consciousness and the mind of the world holds efficiently.

Although, no matter if the variety of possibilities are included in DNA the accomplishment of them depends on the one hand desire of the man and one the other hand the unity of space and time as well.

In the end in order to show the expression of possibilities of the man in a symbolic manner in terms of space and time unity we have taken a butterfly, an insect. Initially, to take into consideration ‘The Butterfly Effect” all the tiny activities may cause huge unpredicted results finally. Besides the butterfly is a symbol of regeneration. And in brief, the butterfly body structure lies on the principles of the golden section.

Thus our work of installation facilitates the idea of the development of the man in the world, unity of space and time.